Did you slow down your job search in December? Economy adds jobs in December.

Effective job search
Wall Street Journal: Jobs added to the economy in December!

Effective job search starts with modern tools

Are you conducting an effective job search? When we go on tour, we often receive raised eyebrows when we give job search and career advice. It makes sense because our advice usually goes against conventional practices. We are used to the skepticism and understand why candidates have doubts. The raised eyebrows are the results of two natural phenomena intersecting.

  1. Most of us received little or no interview/job search training in school. We may have attended a one-hour job interview or resume writing session, but one hour will barely scratch the surface for either, let alone land us a job. Although well intentioned these sessions aren’t always facilitated by someone with recent or extensive hiring experience.
  2. Most of us learned our job hunting skills from our parents or from mentors our parent’s generation. These practices could be 20 years old and outdated. This doesn’t make for an effective job search.

Hiring doesn’t slow down in December!

On December 13th of 2018, we posted what turned out to be a somewhat controversial blog post titled “December Job Search”.  We had a specific goal with that post. We wanted to convey to candidates that they should intensify their job search during the month of December. The job search should gain momentum. This post went against the usual advice, “No one is hiring in December so don’t waste your time with a job search.”

In the last few days, the December 2018 job report came out and it turns out that hiring didn’t slow down in December, it picked up!

The point of today’s post isn’t to show we can see into the future. We want to share new tools and current knowledge so you can conduct an effective job search.

Our knowledge and tools can go against the traditional job search methods, but they work!

Job searches are more sophisticated

Similar to how the dating scene has changed, finding a job has drastically changed in the last 5-10 years as well. Yesteryears methods of finding a new career are outdated. There are new theories on how to answer questions and new ideas on when to look for a job. And of course, there are new tools to help you find a job. We respect our elders, but this isn’t our father’s job search. We aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto.

The premise of the December post was that many candidates slow down or completely stop their job search in the month of December.

The assumption is that companies stop hiring in December so why look for a job?

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

As hiring managers and recruiters ourselves, we know first hand that hiring does not stop in December. It might slow down a little bit, but per that December 13th post, hiring doesn’t stop. The positions that were open in November are still open in December.

Links to employment reports 

CNBC: Job Growth Surge 

Washington Post: Strong Finish to 2018

And if that isn’t enough, here is a tweet to your very own blogger and author Ringo Nishioka aka HRNasty.

This stuff works!

January positions

The positions that are going to be opened in January of the New Year will be prepped in December. If a candidate comes along in December, no hiring manager is going to say “Talk to me in January”. Hiring managers can start the process and line a candidate up for a January 1 start date. I personally had one new hire start just a few days before Christmas and two more on January 3, 2019. These candidates conducted an effective job search and were excited to start the New Year with a new career! 

We are here to encourage you to think differently about your job search. Candidates with the best odds of landing a great offer are reviewing new tools and technologies. Again, we respect our parents, but as technologists and HR professionals, we have the luxury of seeing what happens behind the closed doors. We see exactly what the different practices are between the candidates that land jobs and candidates that don’t.

The job search shouldn’t be a struggle

If you have been struggling with your job search or felt that something was missing, subscribe to our blog and sign up for our tools. We help you create and format beautiful resumes designed specifically for the speed reading hiring manager. (no resume is read line by line or word by word) We have templates so you can write effective cover letters, thank you’s and introductions. We remind you exactly when you should follow up. (You are following up, right?) We know what it takes because we see 1000’s of candidates that are declined. We also get to extend offers to the very small percentage of candidates that get it right.

Key Takeaway: This isn’t your father’s job search. If might be time to update your job search practices and check out the latest tools that successful candidates are using to land job offers. 

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