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Customized LinkedIn URL

Ever wondered how your colleagues were able to get that cool customized LinkedIn URL? Were you hesitant to ask because you didn’t want to appear like a total rook? Well you shouldn’t feel that way, because tons of people don’t know, which is why we’re writing this post!

LinkedIn provides a quick and easy way to professionalize your LinkedIn profile URL and Career Tracker is here to walk you through the process. Jazz up your first impression from:


Clean or sloppy?

Which URL looks more professional? Obviously, the second URL is cleaner, shorter, and shows an attention to detail the first URL does not. We want to present ourselves as a candidate that pays attention to the details. Accuracy and precision are amongst the top attributes employers look for, especially in junior level employees. 

Quick sidebar for some context. In many of our posts we harp on little things that may seem irrelevant, and maybe some might turn out to be. But the sum total of all of these little things adds a sheen of professionalism that does make a difference. Think about an Apple laptop vs. a PC laptop. Why is the Apple product so much better? Because Apple had their end user in mind and paid attention to thousands of tiny details which makes it easier to use, more efficient, faster, and better looking. When applying for a job, you are doing the same thing for your “personal brand” with the recruiters and hiring managers as your “end users”. Do the things you know they will appreciate. Make it easy on them. Be the Apple of job applicants, not the HP. 

Okay, onward! The first URL gets the job done. But when listed at the top of our resume with your contact information, it doesn’t quite make the first impression you’d ideally like. When you realize how easy it is to professionalize this URL, you will realize that everyone should have a short and sweet hyperlink. For an example, check out our free automated Resume Builder. The builder will add this link to your resume (if you choose to) in a place that will make it easy for the hiring manager to review your qualifications and image. 

Three easy steps 

1. On the Profile page of your LinkedIn profile (You do have a LinkedIn profile right?) click on the “Edit Public Profile and URL” section in the top right-hand corner.

LinkedIn URL

2. Public Profile Settings

This will bring you to the Public Profile Settings page. In the upper right-hand corner, you will have the ability to professionalize your public profile. 

Edit URL

3. Click on the “pencil” edit icon and you will have the ability to edit your public profile.


3a. A quick save and you have just joined the ranks of professionals on LinkedIn. 

Take a moment to update your profile and clean up your brand. You’re gonna like the way you look, we guarantee it 🙂 


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