Why your resume is not generating any responses from hiring companies

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Resume writing is hard

Resume writing isn’t just hard, it is really hard. For starters,

  • Where do I list my education?
  • What job experience should I include?

Many candidates use a single resume for all applications. This is because they don’t realize that using customized resumes for each application is more effective. Some candidates don’t want to track multiple versions of their resume.  Candidates that go about their job search with a single resume are destined for a long and arduous road. Candidates that custom tailors their resume for each application, exponentially increase their odds of landing an interview. CareerTrackers automated Resume Builder makes it super easy to not just create multiple versions of your resume but stores, organizes and tracks your documents as well.  

When golfers play 18 holes of golf, they often go onto the golf course with 12 golf clubs. The USGA allows a total of 14 and you can bet professionals are carrying the league limit. Why do golfers carry so many clubs? Because not all shots are the same and not all conditions are equal. A golfer may need to hit the golf ball 250 yards off of astroturf, hit the ball out of a sand trap and then putting on a manicured lawn. These are three very different shots so they require three different golf clubs. 

Applying for a job is no different than hitting a golf ball. All jobs are not created equal. In the same way, each shot needs a different club, each position applied for needs a different resume. A golfer will not play a round of golf with just a single club. Job seekers should not apply to different jobs with the same resume.  

The Cipher

Resume writing is a tough cipher to crack, but CareerTracker has cracked the job search, and resume writing code.  If you have applied to multiple positions with just a single version of your resume and are not hearing back from the hiring company, it’s your resume that is holding you back. 

The key to resume writing is to identify the most important qualifications/skills and requirements that are listed in the job posting. These are usually the top 3-4 bullets that are listed under the job description and required skills section. Giving the hiring manager confidence that you can fulfill their most important requirements and experience will generate a callback.  The trick is showcasing these skills and experience. 

Cracked the code

The first step is formatting your cover letter with a very specific formula.  CareerTracker’s cover letter creator accomplishes two tasks. 1.) Presents the top 3 requirements in a very easy to read format. 2.) Gives the hiring manager confidence that you are qualified before they read your resume. With this mindset, the hiring manager has positive momentum as they approach your resume.

Using these top three bullets create a separate cover letter for each application. Then take the top bullets in your resume and list the accomplishments and experience that will address the requirements. Bolding a few words in each of these bullets will make sure the accomplishments aren’t glossed over.

Key Takeaway: If you are using a single version of your resume for multiple applications you are essentially playing a round of golf with a single club. Identify the top 3 requirements and skills and then highlight them in your cover letter and resume.    

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