How to leverage a thank you email after the interview

Thank you email There isn’t a point in interviewing if you are not going to follow up

Should you or shouldn’t you send a thank you email

Do you send a thank you note after every networking meeting or job interview? If you answered yes, you are a fast tracker. If you answered no, you are working against yourself.  For the record, you should send a thank you email or card after your any job interview. Even if you bombed the job interview, get in the habit of sending a thank you note. You would be surprised how many candidates performed better than they initially thought they did.

Absolutely, no question about it, send the email

Don’t think twice about this power move. Not many candidates send thank you notes anymore and this shows one of two things:

  • Saying “thank you” to someone who took time out of their day to talk to you about your career is the least we can do. Not saying thank you is “a sign” that we don’t understand this concept.
  • A candidate that is genuinely interested in the position, will figure out every opportunity to reinforce why they are the best person for the job. The thank you email is an additional data point that shows passion for the position or the company.

Career Tracker templates

Don’t worry, with Career Trackers thank you email templates, we can make this easy peasy. Our templates are different in that we make it easy for you to provide the data points the hiring manager needs to hear to reinforce your qualifications.

Why Thank You notes work

Thank you emails and handwritten notes demonstrate you are the right candidate in several ways:

  • Shows that you know how to treat a customer when you are hired and working for the company. Your customer may be internal or external to the company, but every position has a customer.
  • Demonstrates that you understand common courtesy. An employee of the company whether they were an individual contributor or a hiring manager spent 30 to 60 minutes with you. This interviewer has a day job and interviewing is taking time away from that day job. Saying “thank you” is the least we can do.

Thank you notes are rarely leveraged

  • From our experience in technology companies, we estimate that less than 20% of candidates will send a thank you email. Executing this power move will allow you to stand out amongst a sea of candidates that don’t know any better. The percentage is even lower within candidates just entering the workforce.

Key Takeaway: The thank you email after the job interview can make or break your career. These personal notes show you know how to treat potential customers and are a qualified candidate. 

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