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Our customized Cover Letter Creator gives the hiring manager what they need to see and nothing more. This customized cover letter will set the stage for the hiring manager and even before they read your resume, they will know you are qualified. This means that they will primed and approach your resume with confidence vs. doubt.

Contact Information

You don’t need to include your physical address because the hiring company isn’t going to send anything via postal mail (until you’re hired!). We include contact information primarily in case your resume and cover letter are separated after they are printed. From this customized cover letter template, the hiring manager can figure out that you are qualified for the role.

Nick Name

If you have a name that is hard to pronounce or has an unusual spelling, include a nickname that is Americanized. If a manager is looking at two equal resumes, Tashihiro Nishioka and Johnny Smith, Johnny is going to get a call. Tashihiro “Johnny” Nishioka has a much better chance of being called. No one wants to call someone and worry about being able to pronounce the first name. Don’t cry about it. Be the windshield and not the bug. 


On this customized cover letter, use your email, not your physical address. As per the above, no one is going to send you anything via the postal mail at this stage of the interview process, but they will email you. 


This is a great way to present a picture of ourselves so the recruiter knows that you will present as a culture fit. Let’s face it, everyone is curious about what we look like before we meet them.  Your LinkedIn hyperlink should be shortened and professional. It should look like this vs.  Here are the instructions to professionalize your LinkedIn URL.

Social Profiles

Social media provides a way for the reader to gain different perspectives on your qualifications. If you’ve set up your social media profiles correctly, this is a great way to enhance your candidacy. So make them visible and easy to find via your cover letter. Github accounts, portfolios, and personal websites give that additional color a recruiter is looking for, that may not come through from your resume. 

Plagiarized Qualifications

When you’re reviewing the job description, pick the top three job requirements, skills, or the experience needed to qualify for this role. You’ll want to list a total of three, maybe four if you have them. Plagiarize the language from the job description. Yes, plagiarize the language. It sounds funny because plagiarism is almost always a bad thing. In this case, it’s most definitely not! The hiring manager and/or the recruiter wrote the job description and ad, and they are familiar with this language. They will recognize what is most important to them.


Experience Qualifications

Answer the plagiarized bullets from the job posting with your experience listed in the second set of bullets. Keep this short and simple. Two sentences, three at the most. The goal of this is to quickly show the hiring manager that your resume is going to be interesting for their open position.


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