Finding a job doesn’t have to be a full time job!


Not a full-time job

At Career Tracker, we are not sure where this cliché saying came from, but we can assure you, finding a job is not a full-time job. Even if you are unemployed, spending 40 hours a week or more looking for a job is too many hours.

We call doo-doo on the demoralizing statement: Finding a job is a full-time job. Finding a job doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

Business logic

There is a big difference between spending 40 hours a week and using your time efficiently. The 40-hour a week candidate is applying for every Tom, Dick and Harry job out there. But here’s the thing: you aren’t qualified for every Tom, Dick, and Harry job. You are qualified and have the best shot at a few key positions vs. spreading yourself too thin and applying for anything and everything. This will be the big difference. Put in quality time on the positions you are interested in vs. a going skin deep on a lot of leads that you’re not really that interested in.  

There will be days where you will be busy, but 40 hours a week, for weeks on end, means you are not using your time wisely. And that is where Career Tracker comes in.

Help has arrived

We have combined years of recruiting and human resources experience with modern technology tools to help make your job search efficient and successful.  We will help you with your resume, cover letters, and explain the right way to answer tough interview questions. We help you use your time efficiently. We have the technology and the expertise to provide you with the insight that only the hiring manager and recruiters know about. We bring you behind the velvet rope. And we bring it hard.

Our technology tools help with documents (resumes and cover letters), correspondence (writing emails the right way), and follow-ups (making sure you remember to send all of those thank you’s and interview follow-up emails).

Here they are:

“Finding a job is a full-time job” comes from candidates who were not using their time efficiently. If you are looking for a job 40 hours a week, then you are not going to be positive or upbeat when you do go in for a job interview. You need to come off as relaxed and confident, not exasperated and desperate. Desperate candidates say the wrong things and display low-value behaviors in job interviews. Frustrated candidates lower their standards on the position they want, pay, and the location of their next employer. You are better than that.

Eliminate the guesswork

How long does it take to find a job? We can’t tell you that. Every job search is different based on the job market in the city in which you are searching, your industry, and most importantly, your attitude. Attitude is almost everything! We do know that Career Tracker can shorten the time spent in a job search and eliminate the guesswork.

So take a deep breath, and relax. Bring the heart rate down. We have your covered.

Take the guesswork out of your job search and check out our tools and resources. Try reading a few of our interview resources and we are confident you will begin adopting a different attitude toward your job search. We are technologists, and have decades of experience as professional recruiters and HR practitioners. Take advantage of what we’ve spent almost two years building, and don’t let your job search be an all-consuming time suck that stresses you out and results in a suboptimal outcome.  No need for that.

Key Takeaway: Your job search doesn’t have to be a miserable full-time job. Use our free tools and resources and you will become more efficient. More importantly, you will obtain just the right amount of knowledge to be confident that you are taking the right steps toward landing your next position.


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