Job Search Process and Explanation

job search process
What is the process, and why are we doing it this way?


Job Search Process

What is the job search process that will result in recruiter and hiring manager delight? What’s in your resume that compels them to call to you? How can there be 30 qualified candidates but only two that receive phone calls to interview? What does it take for you to be “the chosen one”?

Career Tracker explains the business logic that recruiters and hiring managers work through when looking for the right candidate. With this insight, you will know what those on the inside need to see in your cover letter and resume, and the answers they are looking for in interviews. To many websites, blogs and career counselors just tell you what you should say. Too many resume writers will just ask you to fill out a form and then create the resume for you. We believe that you become a stronger candidate when you understand the why in addition to the what. You aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

We’ll be covering the following, and more:

  • The impression we leave when answering the “Desired Salary” question.
  • What to do when asked an illegal interview question like “How old are you?”
  • When you should follow up after you’ve submitted your resume and why you are not hearing back from the recruiter.
  • Why we don’t list our physical address on the resume.

Leverage our extensive experience

The experience built from working directly with hiring managers across a variety of industries:

  • Understand what hiring managers are looking for at each stage of the interview process.
  • Gain access to the conversations taking place behind closed doors, after you have left the interview.
  • Tap into our knowledge of the pre-set salary bands and how to negotiate your way to the top end.
  • We’ve run interview loops for entry-level positions to C level executive hires – leverage our experience and make it work for you. 

Human nature is a factor

We explain the job search process so you don’t just understand the business logic that is being applied to decisions. You also understand the psychology and influence that human nature plays in your career. Combine your new understanding of the job search process with our technology tools and resources to give yourself the edge you need to bring home the job offer.

Key Takeaway: When you know the unspoken rules of the game, you can play to win instead of making guesses and assumptions about how you are being judged. Corporate recruiting is a game, and you do not have to be a Nobel prize recipient to win it. It takes some patience, dedication, and humility. If you can commit the time, we can help you. 


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