Is your resume failing you? How many times have you turned in your ineffective resume and received no response?

Ineffective resume
Ineffective resume? It’s time to try something different and new

Ineffective resume?

How many times have you turned in your resume and not received a response from the hiring company? 10 times? 20 times? 100 times? More?

We see this on a regular basis. Candidates turn in their ineffective resume over and over with no results. Candidates become so frustrated with the system that when they do receive a callback, they are not able to interview effectively. The system isn’t fair and resumes with cover letters don’t seem to work. You are perfectly qualified for the role. You haven’t heard a peep of a response from any of the hiring companies. Sigh.

If you haven’t had any luck with your cover letter and resume, it is more than likely an ineffective resume. Career Tracker is here to help. Why do we know how to write effective cover letters and resumes?

We are not proud of this, but we have declined 1000’s of resumes. 
The fact of the matter is that we know how every one of those declined resumes could have been written more effectively. Those resumes could have generated a response.

If you have turned in your resume time and time again with no results, it may be time to start over. This is where Career Tracker’s Resume Builder enters the stage.  What makes Career Trackers resume builder so effective? Our tool was designed by recruiters and hiring managers. Our templates help you format your resume so that the information the recruiters and hiring managers are looking for is exactly where it needs to be. We also remove all the information that is extraneous to your job search. You fill in the required fields and we format your resume to create a beautiful document that answers the job posting. Along the way, we provide business logic behind why information is included in the specific places and the specific order. Say goodbye to the ineffective resume.

Don’t want to start over?

We understand you invested a lot of time in your current resume. But if your current document isn’t working, it’s probably time to try something new. What do you have to lose? The Career Tracker Resume Builder is free. Just cut and paste the relevant information from your current information into the Resume Builder and read the business reasons included in the template. Hit the .pdf button and “whallah”.  Beautifully formatted with the right information in the right places.

Just a few points we explain along the resume building process:

  • Why you shouldn’t include your physical address
  • Why you shouldn’t have an objective statement
  • Should your resume be 1 or two pages?
  • How many bullets should you list for each of your prior jobs?
  • How far back should your experience go?

Believe in your accomplishments, experience, and resume

The result of the Resume Builder is that you will have a document you will believe in. This isn’t information that is coming from a career counselor that has never recruited a candidate or extended a job offer. This is succinct information that is from professional recruiters who are currently recruiting and extending offers. You will believe in your resume because it will make logical, business sense. You will understand where the most valuable real estate is on your resume and how to leverage that space. There will be a lot of “ah ha” moments. There will be a lot of “well duh!” moments.

Stick with us, we have your back.

Key Takeaway: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you have turned in your resume over and over with little or no results, it’s time to start over with Career Trackers Resume Builder.

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