Thank you email, the cherry on your interview

Thank you email
It’s obvious when there is no cherry and no thank you email

Thank you emails

Should you be writing a follow-up email after your job interview or informational interview? Yes, absolutely, don’t put it off and don’t think twice about it. Just write the email. Why are we so passionate about thank you emails? A number of reasons and we will just provide a few. An interview without a thank you email follow up is like a chocolate sundae without the cherry on top. To the recruiter and hiring manager, it is an obvious miss. This is such a critical piece of your job search, we created a free email thank you template.

  1. The very least we can do is to send a thank you email to the person or persons that took the time to talk about us about a potential opportunity.
  2. This is an easy way to stand out in a pack of candidates who are not so considerate. Very few candidates send thank you emails. The percentage drops significantly with candidates under 35.
  3. Thank you emails signal that you will treat your customers both internal and external to the company in a similar fashion.
  4. The thank you email is a great way to reinforce that you are excited about the position, and can bring value to the organization.
  5. The very least we can do is to send a thank you email to the person or persons that took the time to talk with us. Yes, we repeated number 1. It’s the right thing to do.

Stand out in a sea of candidates

One of the easiest ways to stand out in a sea of candidates is to have consistent follow up after every meeting. If you met with the recruiter your first meeting and met with your recruiter again for just a brief meeting prior to your interview with your hiring manager, thank-you-email.  It may sound redundant, but this is how professional salespeople close deals. They follow up, they keep in contact and they keep a high level of engagement with their prospect.

The way to minimize this simple move is to send a single sentence thank you email. You will score negative points when you cc everyone you talked with using a single email.  The way to maximize this move is to send a personalized email the same day as the interview. Every interviewer receives their own email and they shouldn’t read the same. These folks will compare notes.

State a couple of points:

  1. You enjoyed learning about the role and the company
  2. Share your belief that you are the right for the role because your experience matches one of the top 4 bullets in the job description.
  3. You are excited about the role
  4. The hiring manager or recruiter can expect a follow-up email

Key Takeaway: The thank you email is one of the simplest ways to stand out from the other candidates because so few candidates send them. Send your thank you email the same day and personalize your email to the individual. 

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