The job search is hard. We’ve built tools to make it a little easier.


Job search is hard

But it doesn’t have to be quite as hard. Career Tracker will escort you past the velvet rope where you will see what happens behind the scenes of a job search.  

If you are looking for a new career and asking yourself “Why is it so hard to find a job?”, conduct this quick self-assessment:

  1. Are you turning in resumes on a regular basis and not getting called back? Check our free resources on writing resumes and our cover letter creation.
  2. Have things stalled out at one stage of the process or another? Maybe you need to be better about following up or sending thank you emails to recruiters and interviewers. 
  3. Have you been going to interviews and not getting an offer, check out some of our interview resources.

Our team is made up of executives, HR professionals, and recruiters. Our answers will shift your job search paradigm. 

Don’t hit the wall – diagnose and move forward

We see it time and time again. Individual candidates keep running into the same wall in the interview process. Some are having a tough time getting a response on their resume and others keep getting multiple interviews but no offer. In each case, the candidate makes it to a certain stage in the interview process and then finds they can progress no further.

We are here to help. We’ve spent almost two years building job seeker technology tools and weaving in decades of recruiting experience to make your job search efficient and effective. Check out some of the links above or just visit the site to learn more. 

Key Takeaway: Evaluate where you are in your job hunt. Look at what’s happened so far and assess with a critical eye. Where are you having success and where are you stalling out? Career Tracker has tools and resources for every turn in the job search maze. We’re here to help you jump start your job search process and drive it home to that golden job offer.  


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