Forget everything you think you learned about the job search

Forget everything you learned

Most of us don’t have any job search training

Who needs job search training? I have landed a job in the past. I know what I am doing. Would you drive a car without lessons? Would you fly an airplane without any instruction? Your job search and career are two of the most important aspects of your life. Have you or anyone you know had any job search lessons or coaching from professional recruiters? 

If you are about to start a job search or haven’t had much luck with your job search, it’s time to reevaluate your approach. Career Tracker has your back. We have executives, HR professionals, and recruiters to help you understand your job search. We also have technologists and developers to help automate and make your job search more efficient. 

Job search credits from school?

Most of us have not talked to a professional recruiter to see how things work on the inside. We might have gone to college, but we don’t have 10 credits of Corporate America Interviewing under our belts. More often than not, the person teaching these classes was not a professional recruiter and doesn’t have the inside scoop. It’s ok not to know. We are your wingmen.

Your parents might have given you some advice, but they learned how to interview in a completely different economy. (And who taught them?) For most of us, our parents’ knowledge came prior to the advent of the Internet. Times have changed and we are here to bring you up to date.

The game has changed

You may have landed a job in the past, but what worked with one economy or one company culture likely won’t work with another. What worked for an entry-level position a few years ago probably won’t cut it for a mid-level position. For example, if you are a manager and interviewing for a director position, you need to interview differently for this more senior position. Every company has its nuances, and we are here to help you sort through the chaff. We have plenty of resources for job interview questions. This is where job search training helps.  

  1. If you have been turning in resumes on a regular basis and not getting called back, the culprit is probably your cover letter or resume. You are submitting a cover letter, right? If not, see our automated cover letter creator.
  2. Have you been interviewing and not getting called back? Yep, it’s probably your interviewing skills. We have interview resources that explain job interview questions and answers.
  3. If you’ve had multiple interviews with multiple companies and are not receiving an offer, then it is probably your communication style or lack thereof.

It’s not what we say, it’s how we say it. 

We see it all the time. Candidates get frustrated with their job search and bring this exasperation with them to the job interview. We are here to share our years of interviewing expertise with you so you know what to expect, and how to react.

A few examples that will help with the above, and more:

  • Do companies hire in December?
  • When do recruiters call back?
  • How do I answer the “desired salary” interview question?
  • How many pages should my resume be?

We have plenty of resources and the inside secrets for those willing and determined to take 15 minutes a day to read them. That’s it: 15 minutes a day with our resources and tech tools will dramatically increase your candidacy and chance of getting a job.

Key Takeaway: Recognize that most of us haven’t had any job interview lessons from someone who sits on the other side of the negotiating table. We don’t know what we don’t know. 


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