When do recruiters call back?


Let’s start by resetting your expectations. Just because you haven’t heard back from a hiring company doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. What many candidates don’t realize is that recruiters don’t just recruit. Recruiters and hiring managers have other duties and many other positions to fill outside of the job you are interested in. They have projects with deadlines and managers pressuring them for results. So, if you haven’t heard backfollow up with them. Until you have heard “you weren’t a fit”, assume you are still in the game. You would be surprised how few candidates follow up and how often a follow up will generate a response.

Recruiters call back when they have something to report back with. Recruiters call back when they have time. If they have worked your position 99% of the way to the finish line with one or two final candidates, then the pressure is off. They are probably filling 8 other positions and have 5 other managers breathing down their neck. It is not uncommon for an internal recruiter to have 20 open positions. They also have to solve employee issues, run reports, attend meetings, etc. These projects are deadline or pressure driven. If they are down to one or two candidates to whom they are comfortable making an offer, there is no rush on their end.

Recruiters are also at the mercy of the hiring manager. Like recruiters, hiring managers have meetings, deadlines, and projects. Hiring managers, in turn, are at the mercy of their VP or department head. All of the stars need to align for a meeting to take place – it comes down to scheduling and coordination. It isn’t you, it is the process, and in a larger company, there are a lot of layers. It’s perfectly normal – nothing to worry about! Recruiters call back when they can. Recruiters call back when they have a real update.

Key Takeaway: When in doubt, follow up.


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