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Free Job Search Tools
Don’t you want the help of a professional recruiter when writing your resume?

Free job search tools to Level the playing field for the unemployed 

If you were recently laid off or know someone who was laid off, we feel for you. It isn’t your fault and we don’t have any control. Here at CareerTracker we were wondering if there was any way we could help out after Covid-19 and we are confident we can help you or your friend’s job search. For the next few months, we are offering a Career Tracker account free of charge.  Our tools automate the resume and cover letter writing process. This access won’t cost you a dime and doesn’t require a credit card or a commitment. This is not an account with limited features. There is no catch. You get access to the full suite of products.

Free Premium account

Covid-19 has hit every country,  and in the United States, unemployment claims shot up to 3.2M. Folks need to find jobs and pay their rent. Others are worried about job security and brushing up their resumes. With 20 plus years in HR and recruiting, I know we have insider information on the job search that the average job applicant is unaware of. This isn’t anyone’s fault. Few candidates took a class that teaches candidates how to search for a job. Fewer learned from a professional recruiter. This is why we are making our job search tools available to anyone that has a need. Even if you are still employed and fear you may lose your job, start the resume writing process now. The promo code is at the end of this post and valid for the next few months.   

Level the playing field

When the housing crisis struck the economy in 2008, I knew a number of folks that lost their homes because they couldn’t find a job. They didn’t know to approach me for help and I didn’t know they lost their job. That crisis was the impetus for my original blog I started that site so I could provide inside information to job seekers that I gained working in HR. Today I am reaching close to 50K weekly subscribers and have helped countless candidates land jobs. 

Recently, I and co-founder Brian Erke have been working on a new project we are very excited about, With this tool, we believe we can help folks keep their homes in the wake of Covid-19.  

The free job search tools consists of technology tools that will help you create an unlimited number of resumes and cover letters. We also have tools to help you track multiple job applications with reminders on when to follow up. Lastly, we have a salary calculator to help you negotiate your job offer. Too many folks were affected by Covid-19 through no fault of their own. The way we can make a difference is to offer our suite of tools for free.

There is no catch, no credit card required, nada, zilch, zero.

Tech has been good to both of us and we want to give back. No one should lose their home or car.

Why free?

In the last few weeks, a number of folks have asked me to review their resume. Brian has been creating logins for these folks so they could use all of the tools for free.  This morning I was helping a long time friend with their resume. I gave them a promo code to CareerTracker but for some reason, she chose not to use the app. Unfortunately, the resume she created wasn’t optimized for the eyes of a recruiter or recruiting software. The resume was created with all the misinformation they learned over the years through friends, family and college counselors. Everyone was well-intentioned, but they weren’t professional recruiters. When I explained why we were revising her resume so drastically, she quickly understood the logic behind the decisions.  

I and Brian combined our years of recruiting and product management experience to create a powerful online application. This tool will create resumes and cover letters optimized for the eyes of a professional recruiter. The resume will be laid out for the attitude of a recruiter that will only give your resume 3-5 seconds.  

Check it out, there really is no catch. Here is a link to the promo code for our free job search tools.

Stay healthy,

Ringo and Brian

Key Takeaway: For the next few months, the Career Tracker job search tools are completely free.  

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