New job search in the aftermath of Covid-19

New Job Search
Are you up on the latest job search practices?

New Job Search

Many folks are starting a new job search as a result of Covid-19. Through no fault of their own, a lot of folks are unemployed and jobless claims are at an all-time high.  

If you are brushing up your resume for an upcoming job search, we at have a number of time-saving tools for you. These tools were the brainchild of two founders from the technology field including a Senior Product Manager and an HR executive. These are modern tools for a 2020 job search. The job search practices you used a few years ago are probably outdated.  If you have turned in multiple resumes with no response, give these resume templates a look.

Updated job search practices

Here at, we realized that schools are not teaching the art of the job search. For those folks who have been employed for a number of years, the job search process has changed. With companies using software to screen resumes, job search techniques from just a few years ago are outdated.

We have developed new tools with the latest job search practices in mind coupled with technology to make your search drop-dead simple. These tools are:

Automated Resume Templates

An easy to use resume builder with custom templates designed by professional recruiters. These templates present the information recruiters need to see and deliver the information where they want to see it. We omit irrelevant information that is disregarded by hiring companies. Older templates will give your resume and you as a candidate the perception that you are outdated and behind the times. Hiring managers and full-time recruiters are experts at spotting old school attitudes. These traits stick out to recruiters and CareerTracker is here to help you avoid these pitfalls.

Cover Letter Templates

Many applicants are under the impression that cover letters are not read so they avoid writing them. The truth of the matter is that most cover letters are not read because they are ineffective. Hiring managers are looking for very specific information. The layout of your cover letter matters and CareerTracker’s cover letter templates are optimized for the reader who will give your document 5 seconds or less. Our cover letter templates are presented in an easy to digest manner that hiring managers and recruiters use with their personal job searches.

Job Application Tracker

Tired of using an Excel spreadsheet to track your multiple job applications? When should I follow up? When did I turn in that resume? Who did I apply to last week? Our Job Application Tracker takes the guesswork out of the process. CareerTracker will not only remind you when to follow up on your application but provide you with a follow-up template.

Compensation Calculator

Wondering what you are really worth at your present job? Not familiar with what benefits to ask for when you are negotiating your offer letter? Want to know the combined value of all of the benefits and salary in your offer letter? CareerTracker’s compensation calculator will answer all of the above.

It doesn’t matter whether you are polishing up your resume for an upcoming job search or in the middle of a job search. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple applications for various employers or just one. CareerTracker can help you land your dream job with less effort and take the guesswork out of your job search.

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Key Takeaway: Older job search processes are out of date. New job search tools will make your search shorter and more effective.  

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